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The Gemstones Biggs & Deschutes Jasper


Deschutes picture jasper gemstone
What Is Jasper:

Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony
occurring in all colors. It is sometimes impure,
containing organic material and or mineral
oxides such as iron oxide. Giving it interesting
colors and patterns. When Jasper does not
exhibit interestingcolors or patterns, it is
known as Chert.

Biggs Picture Jasper is a stunning picture jasper. It is generally A dark brown Jasper containing wonderful swirls, bands, Lines and arcs. These bands and lines come in colors of light brown, yellow, tan, blue, or gray-brown.

Biggs jasper was first discovered by Native Americans on a mountain side off highway 97. Biggs Jasper went unnoticed for a hundred years or more until 1964 when flooding washed clean great bolders of the jasper. Along Interstate 84 through Sherman County. Near Biggs, Oregon. It was the flooding not the road work that exposed the jasper.

As with any gemstone there are many variations and different locations within the general area that it is found. This is true with Biggs. In the future I hope to put up photos in our Jasper Picture Gallery that reflect most if not all of different types of Biggs Jasper. But for now I have found a site that not only has pictures. But also a great story about Biggs Jasper, it's types and the men that had so much influence on this gem. This Gentleman also has rough Biggs Jasper for sale.