Amethyst Scepters from Veracruz, Mexico

This specimen is is 2.5" x 2.5" in excellent condition.
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Long, well-shaped crystals come from two Mexican localities. Vera Cruz and Guerro. The Vera Cruz crystals are very pale, clear, prismatic crystals that are sometimes double terminated and have grown on a light colored host rock. These crystals sometimes have phantoms, having a clear quartz interior and an amethyst exterior.  Guerrero has dark purple, prismatic crystals that radiate outward from a common attachment point. Often the crystals have phantoms opposite of Vera Cruz amethyst. The Guerrero crystals have a purple interior with a clear or white quartz exterior. Because long amethyst crystals are rare, these crystals can be quite valuable. These Specimens are from Mun. Las Vigas De Rairez Veracruz, Mexico. Wow four scepters in one cluster one of them is also double terminated.