Minerals (O, P, Q)

Rare mineral specimens who's names Begin with the letters O, P, Q

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Herkimer Quartz Herkimer Diamond New York

This specimen is 2" by 2"

Tabular Smoke Quartz Jefferson Co, Butte, Montana

This crystal is 2.75" x 1"

Phlogopite mica crystals from Afghanistan

This specimen is 3" x 2" and the main crystal is 16 x 9mm.

Hematite Rosettes on Smoke Quartz

This Specimen is 3" Tall 3.5" Wide and 2" Thick.

Quartz, Albite Feldspar, Shorl & Lepidolite Micca

This is a rather Large Specimen 6"Tall 7"Wide and 4"Deep The quartz Crystal is 3.5" Tall @.5" Wide and 1.75" Thick. with a full termination.

Fluorite & Quartz Peru

This specimen is 4" Tall & 6" Wide the back is just the flat quartzite plate the crystals grew on. The specimen is a couple of inches thick.