Nevada Variquoise sterling pendant Navajo made.

This pendant is 44mm (1.9") from the top of the bail and 27mm ( 1.07") Wide. Chain not included
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Variquoise which seems to be a cross between turquoise and variscite generally shows just a hint of blue making it a little less green than typical variscite. Variquoise may also be a little harder than varisite. Turquoise is 5-6 in hardness and variscite is only 4. The Nevada material does seem to be more stable than the regular Utah variscite. Variscite is found in both Nevada and Utah. But most of the material being called Variquoise seems to be coming from Nevada. The material we have came from Lander County near Battle Mountain. The United States is one of the few places in the world where these materials are found in pieces large enough to cut, making them highly collectible gems. Made by the Native American artist that uses a bent arrow over the letters DB.