Oregon Biggs Picture Jasper Silver Pendant

This pendant is 29x22mm (1.15" x .88") Chain not included.
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Biggs Picture Jasper is a stunning picture jasper. It is generally A dark brown Jasper containing wonderful swirls, bands, Lines and arcs. These bands and lines come in colors of light brown, yellow, tan, blue, or gray-brown. Biggs jasper was first discovered by Native Americans on a mountain side off highway 97. Biggs Jasper went unnoticed for a hundred years or more until 1964 when flooding washed clean great boulders of the jasper. Along Interstate 84 through Sherman County. Near Biggs, Oregon. It was the flooding not the road work that exposed the jasper. As with any gemstone there are many variations and different locations within the general area. The stone in this pendant is verging on the famous blue variety. The stone has an interesting scene with little areas of blue-gray. The pendant is  29x22mm (1.15" x .88") Chain not included.