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This is the entry page, to our pages with information about minerals. As it says above click on one of the letters to see if we have information about the mineral you are thinking of. Click Above or at the bottom of the page to shop for minerals.

We have been collecting minerals for some 20 years now and our collection is becoming quite large
. Not to mention our extensive gemstone, jewelry and gift selections. Many of our minerals have come from old mineral dealers or collections. Dating back to the 50's. We have also made contact with present day dealers that have been supplying us with some fantastic new specimens.

We have access to many kinds of mineral specimens and would be happy to see if we could find specimens you might be looking for.

At present we have some nice old copper minerals such as azurite, chrysocolla, malachite turquoise and native copper. Lots of nice native copper! From Ray Arizona and also from Lake Mine Michigan. Plenty of calcite, Quartz, pyrite, chalcopyrite, Hemimorphite and such. From Zacatecas, Mexico.

Pyromorphites from Idaho currently in stock. Fluorite's from the famous Elmwood mine. A few really nice amazonites from Colorado. Smoky quartz from Colorado, Idaho and Montana.

Of course we have Idaho garnets, some vapor phase garnets from Nevada and Idaho Star Garnets. Aquamarines from Brazil and Pakistan and allot of nice tourmaline and lapadolite from California. Maybe you would like something unusual. A sphene crystal from brazil or an amethyst cathedral. We have some really nice calcite on amethyst from Brazil.

We have some nice natrolite and apophylite, zeolites from Washington state and other old zeolites from Oregon. You will have to visit the store to purchase these delicate specimens. But we will be putting up some pictures and prices.

How about some nice topaz or some Jersey vein pyromorphites? Stibnite? sphalerite? realgar? halite from California or maybe orpiment. It's from the old Nevada location and the bright yellow and black do add to any show case. We do have some just acquired pink dolomite with calcite from Arkansas. This combination of minerals doesn't come from this location very often. We have covelite, galena, enargite and other silver and gold ore type minerals from Montana and Idaho.

One of my favorites is lodalite from Brazil it is a combination of optical quartz, chlorite and iron. Speaking of iron we have some very nice iron pyrite. You know fools gold!

For those of you who are into fossils. How about corprolite? You know dino or reptile dung? 
We have a connection in Washington state for lots of these. We also have a couple of outstanding coral like aragonite specimens. 

Very large clusters of selenite roses and barite roses are available. Perhaps some Smithsonite.

Other parts of our site will showcase gemstone slabs, cabs, rough rock, Gems like Idaho jaspers, Oregon Jaspers, Montana agates, Idaho Star Garnets, Idaho opal, tiger eye and 
many more types of old rare gemstones. We also have fine jewelry items, gifts stone spheres and carvings.


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