Arizona Burrow Creek Jasper

Burrow Creek Jasper-Agate from Wickensburg, AZ. is Generally, a multicolored, dendritic jasp-agate or jasper with shades of lavender , pink, yellow, browns and tans. We have even seen some red dendrites in the agate verity. The most known variety is the Amethyst stained purple Chalcedony. (Click Here) for more info. 

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Arizona Burrow Creek Jasper Silver Pendant

This pendant is a pleasing shade of lavender with brushy looking brown streaks. Hand crafted by us. It is 62x28mm (2.46" x 1.10") Chain not included.

Arizona Burrow Creek Jasper & Amethyst Silver Pendant

This pendant is 40x26mm (1.6" x 1") Chain not included. The amethyst are 7x5mm